Friday, June 5, 2009

Twitter, why its bad for you...

The latest craze of Twitter has started to really annoy me. first it was pod casts and blogs, where any jerk off can write whatever he or she wants (me included, god bless America!), now its the stream of consciousness updates from people letting other people know what they are doing at that exact moment..Today alone i have read in the headlines about Ashton Kutcher who is the King of Twitter, Rene Zelwigger who refuses to twitter and Terrell Owens who is Twittering about his house shopping woes in Buffalo. My dad is late 60s and he is talking about Twitter. Got a twitter from my 3 year old nephew that said "OMG, just deuced myself again uncle P, HA HA. stay tuned." This has gotten out of control.

I am all for the community aspect of the Internet but Twitter seems to more about self indulgence than reaching out and expressing ideas. People who think i need to know what your doing all day can save it for some one else who doesn't have a life. I understand its a little hypocritical to say that as i bang out a blog post but i don't pretend to think that someone cares what i do all day.. they are called Parole Officers, and im glad i don't have one.
A quick hypothetical Twitter from my first hour awake today..
"OMG, Im alive, i dont think i lost any teeth...i need to drink less, why do i always get corned beef sammys at 2am on the way home. why does my mouth taste like a cat slept in it and is it possible to die from extreme gas? am i willing to take one more shot with a wet one?The Hobo in my below just woke up and is itching for more sleep. oh god, i almost threw up. that was horrible. i hate hungover Friday, i just want to curl up to a good Danielle Steele book and listen to some Carly Simon albums in my Snuggie..(sing to myself for a minute, Dire Wolf this morning)..damn im late. these are the days im glad i dont have a dog to walk.shit its late, what was i thinking, oh yeah, Fridays not all bad, i get to blog and maybe even send constant twitters about my life, my take on that life..(some delusional scenario unfolds in my head, that takes 20 seconds of me moving around but really just having a manic morning dream and then im back)..damn now im late."

see, did you need to know that? didnt think so. i hope this Twitter is just a that i refuse to partake in. I will just keep on bloggin..NO END IN SIGHT!!! have a good weekend.

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