Friday, June 12, 2009

Sports Wrap up, Hot 97 and Fat Friday Yall

What up to the TGIF crew..Dublin called..they want their weather back..ohhh! kid is hot this morning. Hoping For Sunshine.Again. Again i was disappointed. Several days in a row of getting caught in the rain on the way to work.

Another Friday at the Front and Fat Friday is in the house with more steak and bagel sammys from MacDonald's for the team and more of the HOT 97 morning show going on..Not hungover today so i got that going for me.

The best part of my Friday mornings are listening to the Hungarian woman who is early 60s in my office who speaks broken English give her play by play synopsis of the previous nights sporting events. "How can you let Derek Fisher shoot an open three, he has hit the most 3 pointers in playoff history along with Michael Jordan!." She is also a fanatical baseball fan. There is another woman who is about 75 and a really nice woman and she is the office manager for the last 30 years. An old school Italian New Yorker who is a cross between George Burns and Stalin but she keeps order and vetoes any stupid suggestions from the Peanut Gallery. For example, we have a Celtics fan and the suggestion that Marbury could take them over the top was met with "You better stop that talk or I will push you off the fire escape next time we have a smoke." Its a pretty cut throat place!
Amazing to see how sports can be a real bond for people that would otherwise not have a whole lot in common. Like most offices in NYC ours is a split of Yanks and Mets fans. This creates some friction when we are trying to watch the games in the conference room. Trying to get my boss to look at the Yanks side of the world so i get to watch them more at work. Although after last night i am not sure i can watch them play Boston again. Slip Slidin away from the Sawx..Damn Sham really.

I just got a video camera (hold the applause till the end) so i hope to be uploading more videos soon. I know its a streaming video world and I'm just a stream of consciousness guy. Got to keep up. wait i am keeping up, maybe I'm too far ahead and need to slow down, no i think i will just stay in this lane...
Have a great weekend. God Bless America!

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