Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Wear this to work tomorrow and you will get the day off.

or on your next date just wear this and nothing else coming out of the bathroom..if your mate acts shocked just say "have you looked in the mirror lately." whatever happens next is up to you...all i know is that when i was a kid i was told, "if the world deals you pigs, make bacon. "

Monday, April 27, 2009

The animals are at it again....

Swine Flu, the news of the day. I think we have all heard about it but this proves my point that we are regressing as a society. Mad Cow, Bird Flu and now swine flu is sweeping the nation! if i get sick from a pig product i am going to be....well miserable, but also really pissed.
Started out down in Mexico, its headed north fast and has officially hit new york. There is a few of my readers who dig on swine (in a lot of different forms)and for them i will say, beware, and stay away from the pettting zoo (especially after hours when you usually sneak in..you know who you are.)

How loud did the lambs cry clarice?

You too can blog...Get Busy Bloggin or get busy dying.

A new feature has been added to NEISIR...and we now have some new "authors" for this blog. People asked and i finally figured out how to add people. They will hopefully be making some contributions and this thing wont turn ugly..Dont get drunk off the feeling your first few blogs will give!..the rush is...addictive. blog or die.

if you want to throw something up there and have it be on the main page let me know and i can add you too. hoping this will get a more broad spectrum of "discussions."

I read this weekend that 2.2 million people in the US make their primary income from blogging. that tells me 2 things. 1- there must be a lot of broke ass people out there, 2-it can be done...

Friday, April 24, 2009

New Stadium and champagne, we are not launching ships here!!!

so the new stadium is done and it is amazing..now i hope the play of the team will match the surroundings. the one issue i have is that they serve champagne in flute glasses at a baseball game!! they pop the cork and the whole deal. its too bad the guy next to me is 550 lbs because without his gut you could see the effeminate guy next to him (some old dudes boy toy) who order about 4 mini bottles of the bubbly and was just nailing them back..im guessing to get numb for whats to come. thats i what i used to suggest to my dates. back to the fat guy, if he was an animal he would be one of those buck toothed walruses that slugs around with those throaty groans and basically lives a slovenly existence. takes all kinds i guess.

Back to the offense at hand..all im saying is that champagne and baseball should only come together when a championship has been won...and we are pretty far away from that!

Go Yanks, got the sox this weekend. am taking odds on how fast boston "clears their bench" with one close pitch by JOBA..have a nice weekend and enjoy the weather, the POP is OUT

the Japanese need to lighten up...its called Thursday night for a reason!!

TOKYO (Reuters) - Media helicopters hovered overhead and photographers camped out in front of Japan's top talent agency on Thursday after one of television's cleanest-cut stars was arrested for public indecency.
Tsuyoshi Kusanagi of the pop group SMAP was found drunk and naked in a public park in Tokyo in the early hours of the morning, his agency said in a statement. He was alone and shrieking at the top of his voice, media reports said.
"What's wrong with being naked?" he demanded of a police officer who tried to question him after receiving a complaint about the noise, Kyodo news agency said.
Kusanagi, 34, shot to fame almost 20 years ago as a member of SMAP, the popular boy band whose five members have gone on to monopolize Japanese TV screens in everything from drama to variety and even cookery shows.
The slender Kusanagi is seen as perhaps the most serious of the five, known for his acting skills and fluency in Korean, which brought him fame in South Korea.
"He has such a clean image," one woman told commercial broadcaster TBS. "He doesn't seem like that kind of person."
But Thursday's incident risks damaging the commercial juggernaut of SMAP, whose members, especially heart throb Takuya Kimura, are popular with advertisers.
Corporations including Toyota Motor Corp said they were pulling commercials starring Kusanagi.
Even Communications Minister Kunio Hatoyama expressed anger, because the actor was the face of a government campaign to get the public to switch to digital television.
Kusanagi's agency, Johnny & Associates, a big name in the Japanese entertainment world, issued an apology.
"We apologize deeply for the trouble and worry caused to everyone, especially his fans," the agency said in a faxed statement, adding that it would make a further announcement on Kusanagi's future career.
Tokyo police declined to comment on the case