Friday, April 24, 2009

New Stadium and champagne, we are not launching ships here!!!

so the new stadium is done and it is i hope the play of the team will match the surroundings. the one issue i have is that they serve champagne in flute glasses at a baseball game!! they pop the cork and the whole deal. its too bad the guy next to me is 550 lbs because without his gut you could see the effeminate guy next to him (some old dudes boy toy) who order about 4 mini bottles of the bubbly and was just nailing them guessing to get numb for whats to come. thats i what i used to suggest to my dates. back to the fat guy, if he was an animal he would be one of those buck toothed walruses that slugs around with those throaty groans and basically lives a slovenly existence. takes all kinds i guess.

Back to the offense at hand..all im saying is that champagne and baseball should only come together when a championship has been won...and we are pretty far away from that!

Go Yanks, got the sox this weekend. am taking odds on how fast boston "clears their bench" with one close pitch by JOBA..have a nice weekend and enjoy the weather, the POP is OUT

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