Monday, August 17, 2009

Thank God Marbury is no longer a Knick...

i don't know if anyone has kept up on Starbury since he fizzled for the Celts at the end of their season but this guy has gone into full manic behavior. the latest video, which you tube wont let me cut and paste is of him dancing in front of a mirror to "Im a Barbie Girl" and he looks like he is working at a strip club or at the Blue Oyster. In a separate video he is in his car and his driver hits something and just keeps rolling. In another one, he eats Vaseline out of the jar, he crys, he laughs, he mumbles...he has all the looks of a daily crack smoker, only he is in nicer surroundings, which 20 million in the last year can certainly provide. would someone like to take odds on his arrest for drugs in the next 6 months? when he doesnt get picked up by someone (don't mean the Eddie Murhpy style pick up, i mean in hoops) he will increase the crack usage and things will get weird, and because he streams his life for all to see, we will get a gross look at the fall from being an overpaid athlete to just a regular ole' rich ass crackhead.... stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We all know NYC has its fair share of nuts but i thought this was a classic photo. my coworker took it as he rode his bike down the west side highway path..this guy apparently has different costumes he goes with but he always incorporates fruit. the guy said he has seen him in overalls holding a watermelon with an apple in his mouth. this day he just went the simple get up of a soiled towel and two oranges, one for the mouth and one for the top of the head..and you got to love the statue like middle finger he is throwing out to all the motorists. its a great place. i think we should have a "freak fest" in central park and invite all the street dwellers and see who brings the best package of craziness, flare, originality and spirit, in that order.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Been a while....

I have not posted anything for a while, not for lack of things going on in the world obviously but i have been busy and trying to figure out a way to put better content on here but with some stories behind it. the cut and pasting of videos and well publicized events waters things down a bit so i am going to change it up and start rolling out some other things to keep it going and take it to the next level...Stay Tuned.
Ole Shtinky