Friday, July 31, 2009

This is classic...someone took Thirsty Thursday to a new level...

This is a photo is from a friend, he took it this morning. This guy has some explaining to do. We all like to take it deep sometimes but wowza, thats a new level. i hope he is in a detox center right now...for his sake, and the bulls...

Friday, July 17, 2009

John Daly and the British Open...

I know i know, that sounds like an odd combo, kind of like Larry the Cable Guy hooking up with Victoria Beckham, it just doesn't fit, literally or figuratively BUT John Daly has made the cut at the British Open and i think it would be interesting to see if he can hold it together. i was reading an article about how he said he played terrible etc but he is going to make the cut and keep people guessing for another day. He has been known to wear some of the worst outfits in golf and apparently he is up to his old tricks wearing green psychedelic pants today and is going to take things to a new level tomorrow.

I know he is a numb nuts and prides himself on his simpleton ways but there is a lovable side to the guy. I think in some ways a lot of people wish they could say "i don't give a ...." and really mean it. When i hear John Daly speak i actually believe it. He reminds me of David Allan Coe in that way. A true redneck who don't give a what about anything that you may say or think about him. I also kind of want a tourney that is not all Tiger driven, so his missing the cut will spice things up.

Things are looking very interesting as far as weather concerns and the players atop the leader board.

It would be great to see a really out of shape fat guy from the good old US of A take home the British Open. then shotgun a Budweiser tall boy with his tee on 18...

Enjoy the weekend.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Saki Bomb Extravaganza!!

As promised, i have finally gotten to video taping some things and i think i got it figured out so here are two videos of last nights annual Saki Bomb Extravaganza. We go each year for my friends birthday but last night was even more special. It is the one year anniversary of the founder of Benihanas death. His name was Rocky Akoi and he was a legendary character so every year we do a toast to him. Last night his wife was there with some of his friends and got her to come in to toast with us to salute Rocky. It was a great moment.

The second video is where things were in "full swing" after lots and lots of Saki and beers...Nothing like a drunken version of we are the world to get things fired up. A good time was had by all but we should have shut it down after that. took it deep and today has definitely left a mark. Thank god its Friday, i really need some down time! enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Annual Benihana Saki Bomb Party

Tonight is the night where we drink. There are many reasons for the drink but tonight its for a good friend, the Dank One, Fan Darrell. We go every year with 15-20 guys and get a big table and try to do as many saki bombs as possible. we are good for about 12-14 of those w beers on top so the feet are barely touching the floor after a while. It is a great time and this year, im bringing the video camera so we will hopefully have some footage of the boys getting it done. Rocky Akoi, the founder of Benihana was a true legend. He was a man of adventure, leisure and lots and lots of good times so for that, we salute him with our initial toast. My friends dubbed it "a traditon unlike any other." not original but pretty good. I feel good today. havent been out in a week and i need to be cautious my enthusiasm doesnt get in the way of reason like it usually does.
Next time you hear from Ole Stinky he gonna be a rootin and a tootin' come tomorrow morning...wish me luck.

Heres to Rocky, Heres to Darrell! Thirst Thursday T-56 minutes....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A little Gross? i thought so..

Where i work there is a fire escape in the back of the building and people use it for their smoke breaks. It seems all the women in the office use it as their stoop and often take breaks together to gossip and talk about Michael Jackson. This doesn't bother me but one lady who smokes non stop (missed a week of work after tonsil surgery because she got the cuts infected from smoking, seriously)...anyway, she and another woman were headed to have a smoke then were going to get coffee. One lady says to the other, "oh, i didnt know you wanted to go right after we had a smoke. I need to "go bad" right after i have a smoke when i am done with lunch." "You can just go without me."

The comment was gross enough but then i am trying not to, but definitely am picturing this lady pinchin a loaf, post smoke, on the way to more coffee and definitely more smokes because they help relax the caffeine buzz she worked so hard all day to achieve. This is as close as i get to to Twitter but i thought i would pass along a gross work story. Moral of the story is, if you have to poop after a smoke, just grin and laugh to yourself about how badly you are going to crush that can. just dont let your co-workers know about it. Also, there is a terrible abuse of "air freshener" that gets sprayed after said POOP so it really mixes nicely. Like when i used to keep sports gear, a wet wetsuit, old beer and dead animals in my trunk for like...a week.
I will always picture her taking a dump from now on.

The Old Airbag, making people laugh since they learned how to take them out of cars...

Just another example of a few guys with too much time on their hands. Watch the slow motion part where the kid looks like he got sent out of a rocket and then the slow motion calls for help making him sound a lot like sloth from Goonies. Overall, pretty juvenile i know but i thought it would lighten things up. Given all the bad news of michael jackson, steve mcnair etc i just thought seeing some kids nearly getting his ass blow off would lighten things up. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 4th.. God Bless America.

As we drink and eat and enjoy our freedom this weekend lets keep our troops in our thoughts and prayers. a lot people are over in the sand pit and i have a bad feeling about this weekend and the events that are unfolding in Afghanistan. a lot of our citizens are over there taking it on the chin for us.I am not being sappy or cliche here, just want to shout out that i appreciate the work people do to protect us. There is no other place in the world where people enjoy this type of freedom. Just ask the citizens of Iran. Happy 4th.

Today is a great i got my name, although I am pretty sure i have never been described as a Saint.

The last part of his life must have looked a lot like Braveheart. He was hanged, drawn and quartered. Does not sound pleasant.

July 2, 2009
St. Oliver Plunkett

The name of today's saint is especially familiar to the Irish and the English—and with good reason. The English martyred Oliver Plunkett for defending the faith in his native Ireland during a period of severe persecution.
Born in County Meath in 1629, he studied for the priesthood in Rome and was ordained there in 1654. After some years of teaching and service to the poor of Rome he was appointed Archbishop of Armagh in Ireland. Four years later, in 1673, a new wave of anti-Catholic persecution began, forcing Archbishop Plunkett to do his pastoral work in secrecy and disguise and to live in hiding. Meanwhile, many of his priests were sent into exile; schools were closed; Church services had to be held in secret and convents and seminaries were suppressed. As archbishop, he was viewed as ultimately responsible for any rebellion or political activity among his parishioners.
Archbishop Plunkett was arrested and imprisoned in Dublin Castle in 1679, but his trial was moved to London. After deliberating for 15 minutes, a jury found him guilty of fomenting revolt. He was hanged, drawn and quartered in July 1681.
Pope Paul VI canonized Oliver Plunkett in 1975.