Friday, July 10, 2009

Saki Bomb Extravaganza!!

As promised, i have finally gotten to video taping some things and i think i got it figured out so here are two videos of last nights annual Saki Bomb Extravaganza. We go each year for my friends birthday but last night was even more special. It is the one year anniversary of the founder of Benihanas death. His name was Rocky Akoi and he was a legendary character so every year we do a toast to him. Last night his wife was there with some of his friends and got her to come in to toast with us to salute Rocky. It was a great moment.

The second video is where things were in "full swing" after lots and lots of Saki and beers...Nothing like a drunken version of we are the world to get things fired up. A good time was had by all but we should have shut it down after that. took it deep and today has definitely left a mark. Thank god its Friday, i really need some down time! enjoy the weekend.

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