Friday, July 17, 2009

John Daly and the British Open...

I know i know, that sounds like an odd combo, kind of like Larry the Cable Guy hooking up with Victoria Beckham, it just doesn't fit, literally or figuratively BUT John Daly has made the cut at the British Open and i think it would be interesting to see if he can hold it together. i was reading an article about how he said he played terrible etc but he is going to make the cut and keep people guessing for another day. He has been known to wear some of the worst outfits in golf and apparently he is up to his old tricks wearing green psychedelic pants today and is going to take things to a new level tomorrow.

I know he is a numb nuts and prides himself on his simpleton ways but there is a lovable side to the guy. I think in some ways a lot of people wish they could say "i don't give a ...." and really mean it. When i hear John Daly speak i actually believe it. He reminds me of David Allan Coe in that way. A true redneck who don't give a what about anything that you may say or think about him. I also kind of want a tourney that is not all Tiger driven, so his missing the cut will spice things up.

Things are looking very interesting as far as weather concerns and the players atop the leader board.

It would be great to see a really out of shape fat guy from the good old US of A take home the British Open. then shotgun a Budweiser tall boy with his tee on 18...

Enjoy the weekend.

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JackCullinane said...

Great post P-Man. Completely agree. John Daly doesn't care about pomp and circumstance. He shows up at each Open Champoionship a 2 time winner.
He could wear a tu-tu and people still should bow down. How many people can say they won the British Open. Only a few.
And who doesnt love a come back story?