Thursday, July 9, 2009

Annual Benihana Saki Bomb Party

Tonight is the night where we drink. There are many reasons for the drink but tonight its for a good friend, the Dank One, Fan Darrell. We go every year with 15-20 guys and get a big table and try to do as many saki bombs as possible. we are good for about 12-14 of those w beers on top so the feet are barely touching the floor after a while. It is a great time and this year, im bringing the video camera so we will hopefully have some footage of the boys getting it done. Rocky Akoi, the founder of Benihana was a true legend. He was a man of adventure, leisure and lots and lots of good times so for that, we salute him with our initial toast. My friends dubbed it "a traditon unlike any other." not original but pretty good. I feel good today. havent been out in a week and i need to be cautious my enthusiasm doesnt get in the way of reason like it usually does.
Next time you hear from Ole Stinky he gonna be a rootin and a tootin' come tomorrow morning...wish me luck.

Heres to Rocky, Heres to Darrell! Thirst Thursday T-56 minutes....

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