Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A little Gross? i thought so..

Where i work there is a fire escape in the back of the building and people use it for their smoke breaks. It seems all the women in the office use it as their stoop and often take breaks together to gossip and talk about Michael Jackson. This doesn't bother me but one lady who smokes non stop (missed a week of work after tonsil surgery because she got the cuts infected from smoking, seriously)...anyway, she and another woman were headed to have a smoke then were going to get coffee. One lady says to the other, "oh, i didnt know you wanted to go right after we had a smoke. I need to "go bad" right after i have a smoke when i am done with lunch." "You can just go without me."

The comment was gross enough but then i am trying not to, but definitely am picturing this lady pinchin a loaf, post smoke, on the way to more coffee and definitely more smokes because they help relax the caffeine buzz she worked so hard all day to achieve. This is as close as i get to to Twitter but i thought i would pass along a gross work story. Moral of the story is, if you have to poop after a smoke, just grin and laugh to yourself about how badly you are going to crush that can. just dont let your co-workers know about it. Also, there is a terrible abuse of "air freshener" that gets sprayed after said POOP so it really mixes nicely. Like when i used to keep sports gear, a wet wetsuit, old beer and dead animals in my trunk for like...a week.
I will always picture her taking a dump from now on.

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JackCullinane said...

Try to keep it clean will you?
I visit the blog to laugh not throw up......