Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday, workers block..

After a great weekend of sun and some serious rain storms it was time to man the desk again. This monday was a little different than others in that i was so sore yesterday I could barely walk right. It has been a while since i felt like such shit rolling out bed. I took some bad falls wakeboarding and went all weekend warrior and am now paying the price. sitting in a chair is not comfortable at all and i wish i had just phoned it in. there isnt anything wrong with me other than extreme soreness on the back side of my body from my back to the knees, and everything in between.

Then i got the "you took off too early on friday" speech so that put a small damper on things. The morning went pretty much as planned.Then i got to that point, mid day monday, post lunch. Not a lot going on, down time. Down Time is BAD. I have exhausted all internet reading and just asked myself "isnt there anything else thats utterly mindless that i could go to in order to pass some time? To me, this is the grave yard shift. Everything slows down, and not in the Matrix good kind of way. In the "holy shit my life is grinding by like a glacier going down 7th avenue" kind of way. I know i should feel more motivated but i also feel like i should be on a beach somewhere, resting these weekend warrior, washed up, busted down set of bones! When your day dreams get you through the day you are riding on vapors..

Its hard changing gears from care free relaxed weekends to work front with a lot of pain, tedious discussions and a lot less fun. got to pay the bills to get some thrills. Good luck with the rest of the day.

got some good videos i will start posting soon.

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