Wednesday, June 3, 2009

PHISH- Jones Beach..

Last night i went to the Phish concert at Nikon Theatre at Jones Beach. The trip started out really slow with a lot of traffic and even more rain. 6 guys in a car drinking with all the windows up in a rain storm is fun but not really what i was in for! The clouds and rain cleared and it turned out to be an awesome night. The music was really good and the band looked crisp. Some of it is a little too jammy for me but they are a jam band so you got to take the good with the bad. Loving Cup was the highlight for me, along with a few other songs,Wekapaug Groove was also awesome. That was what was good about it.
What was bad about it is that the parking lot scene is basically like a cops episode where there are cars and officers lined up all over the place and guys with binoculars and radios calling in police to swarm on groups. Some of the people call a lot of attention to themselves and are easy targets. a 15 year old girl walking around with balloons in her hand is ripe pickins for 5-0. Some of the typical funky hippies acting like they are on the great caravan of "the music" yet all looked pretty close to death. one kid dry heaved his face off i n front of us and looked like he was about to have a heart attack so my friend offered him some water. never seen someone take a breath of fresh air like that. I can only imagine what some of the ER bookings looked like last night. lot of people got their chin out a little over the tips of the skis by the look in their eyes.

The next major problem i have is that they don't sell liquor at the concert. That to me is unamerican. i don't like being told where i can drink and how to drink it and this place does both. makes no sense at all. one reason i wont rush out there for a show again. i like drinking at concerts.
The last issue i had was that the post concert parking lot scene was an absolute shit show with cops everywhere arresting people like it was a round up. we saw no less than 30 people arrested on our walk to the car. needless to say we didn't do a lot of tail gating after the show but that was probably for the best. Tuesday Phish concert is a rough front end to the week but you only live once.
Overall score of a B w the music being an A and the rest of it kind of sub par. had a great time with the people we were with and its always good to see some live music.


Christopher said...

How long did you guys sit in traffic on the way in? Also, did you notice a lot of boats in the bay behind the theater? If it's not raining, we may take a boat in for the thursday show.


Anonymous said...

Phish at Jones Beach must have been a nasty time! That requires a full day of rest before attending. Did u guys hear that there is gonna be a Phish special on Fuse tomorrow? They are showing the concert from Clifford Ball. Its so awesome that Fuse is showing that. Look for the channel here: Channel Finder