Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mannys back, 50 game slap on the wrist..

Manny Ramirez played for some team called the Isotopes last night in a warm up to get back to playing for the Dodgers. Two things struck me as odd. There is a minor league team in AZ that is called the Isotopes and the name comes from a Simpson's episode where they are trying to move Springfield's baseball team and Homer Simpson protests the move(rightfully so by the way.)
The fact that someone went to the trouble to name a team after an episode of the Simpsons leads me to believe the owners of the team are the writers for the Simpsons, OR the owners of said team were higher than the Himalayas when they came up with it. Either way, playing for a team called the Isotopes as part of your re-entry to the league after a suspension for steroids is close to rock bottom.

What is actual rock bottom as far as I'm concerned is that 50 games is 27% of a season. A slap on the hand. MLB is basically saying that the worst offense in the sport doesn't even merit a full season suspension. Send him packing with no pay. Make him take random drug tests 4 days a week for the year and he can come back. What cracks me up is the steroids are illegal but no one seems to prosecute or charge anyone with these crimes. Who is Manny's dealer? They are designer drugs and Manny being nailed for them, then allowed to play again is BS.
MLB will never have any credibility if they continue to let people back in the game. Manny should be banned for life, as should anyone who blatantly broke the rules. I know I'm not the first to say this but Pete Rose doesn't get in to the Hall of Fame for gambling but a lot of these other guys will get considered? MLB is a joke, Bud Selig is a joke. I feel like the joke is on me, you and every other fan for liking this sport, supporting this sport and the ethics and antics it promotes. I am a Yankees fan and we have some of the all time juicers who have been on our roster and it has gotten to the point for me where i wont go to the park to see the freak show. Every home run, every 200 mph line drive will now draw my skepticism (from my couch where i am paying a fee to watch the game). Then of course, like a moth to the flame, i will want to go back and see them play but all the while i will know im being fooled. I have been pimped, and not in an Xzbit fixing up my car kind of way.
There, that's my high and mighty post for the month. I was just shocked to see Manny playing again so soon and in a month, it will be another guy and he will be off the ole' "Juicer Schnide" as i call it. then i will blog about that. It will be interesting to see how he is treated upon his return to LA. If i know that town they will overlook any past "issues" as long as he produces on the big stage...

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