Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Blind Leading the....Oh shit, he is leading us!

GOV. Paterson isn't letting the mess in the State Senate cut into his party time. After insisting that Republicans and Democrats spend the weekend working out their differences and start passing legislation, the governor cooled his heels Saturday in Bridgehampton at a pool party held by Russell Simmons. Our spies spotted him "casually dressed" and "mugging for photos with two young beauties." The governor had "at least two security officials" who stood by while he partied until "well past midnight" and ate burgers.

I love New York. There is never a dull moment and there is a news story on every street corner but the fact that our governor is partying it up in the Hamptons this weekend while everyone else "sweats it out" in Albany is ridiculous. I have nothing against Patterson and i know he inherited one hell of a mess but the actions he has taken (or not) show me that he either doesnt care enough to or cant assist in what is the worst state crisis we have ever seen. The empty promises and the daily speeches about how "shocked" he is or how dissapointed he is in the state pols is tiring to listen to. He is acting like a Drunk Ship Captain who is raiding the bar knowing that with the amount of water coming on board there is no way he can make it.
We pay the most taxes of anyone in the country and we continually get some of the worst people to represent us. New York, New York, insulting voters one billion dollars at a time. I know SNL has spoofed him and other people make fun of him for his sight stuff but even if he was fully blind he should be able to tell that the people whispering in his ear are full of shit and making him look like an idiot. He clearyl doesnt listen to the voices that are telling him to take control so at this point our good captain is just going to sail without the rudder and see where we end up. If it keeps going this good he may be invited back to Russells next Def Jam..

Its much more important to have a washed up hip hop icon that annoys the shit out of everyone he comes across invite you to his party then to actually do the fucking job we pay you for. which you havent done since you were installed after the other idiot before you didnt do what he was supposed to do. That guy was and still is as smug and arrogant as ever so i dont really expect much different from his "successor". I wonder, what if a state budget meeting coincides with Diddys White Party? Tough choices all around.

so, my "how do you look yourself in the mirror award " goes to the Governor. wait, that may not be a fair award to give him. governor, you get the "you got a lot of balls guys, award." i hope you enjoy it, and the burgers, im sure they were good.

My "you are a dumb son of a bitch to live in new york state" goes to me...and about 14 million other people.

have a good day. and dont worry, we will be fine..what me worry????

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