Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Regressing back to the "Olden Times"..when people cooked animals on the street

VEGETARIANS gagged as they passed Union Square Cafe Sunday and saw a bloody goat carcass on a spit on the sidewalk outside the East 16th Street eatery -- just 50 yards from where a cat-rescue group was offering tiny, meowing kittens for adoption. "This was a truly amazing and disgusting sight to see, and I've lived here for 36 years," one passerby said. A restaurant rep called its "whole spit-roasted Vermont Goat" stunt a "one-off" as part of its Spring Wine & Food Dinner and said pedestrians needn't worry about seeing other beasts cooked on the street.

I love this for several reasons. One, a goat being cooked on a spit in union square must cause quite a scene with the smoke and stink. The cat rescue group being very close caps it all because they really aren't saving any cats there, or goats apparently. They need to be outside Chinese food restaurants and weird S&M places if they want to protect cats in NYC. Goats, like other animals that are eaten, are so far removed from the end consumer during their last precious minutes so people aren't horrified when they arrive on the plate with a demi glaze and some potatoes. Seeing animals slaughtered and bled to death is not pretty but they got to end up lying still on the plate some how.
I think NYC is a great place bc of these types of scenes. The people protecting cats, in a place where cats aren't really being mistreated and they are hit with massive clouds of burning flesh from a goat. I always say it but we are regressing not progressing. And that animals are smarted than us..in this case, i guess the goat lost but the cats won..i dont know where that leaves me but i haven't seen anyone outside protesting for my rights....wait, do i need a cause for rights? like starting a petition to be allowed to serve alcohol at any event where music is being played...THATS MY CAUSE. i think i could get a lot of people behind me. That and i want to start a cause to hope for good weather. its pretty inconsequential yet we can get a lot of people behind it who don't really have to do anything..that sounds a lot like most causes i hear about..Substance in our society means nothing, its the talk about action that is more important than actually doing something. that would mean you actually stand for something, and you don't want to be one of those people these days....

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