Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Weather...head faking me

As you know i usually send out a thirsty Thursday email with something about how nice it is to get drunk on a Thursday night then follow it up with how miserable hungover Fridays can be. This weather is getting in the way of my thirst for beverages. I remember Junes being a lot nicer than this..don't get me wrong, i will take 5 days of rain for 2 nice weekend days (because i work for the man) but it is depressing after being head faked with some really nice weather. I work right next to the Empire State Building and right now i can only see up the first 30 floors.

The weather has forced me to be more productive with my time since i cant spend time plotting an exit to play golf or to hit a roof deck post work for some drinks so i guess that's a good things. especially since its getting nice out soon and there is much plotting that will need to be done.

I have created my "cause" by the way...Its called the Sunshine Coalition. Basically i want it to be sunny more than its not. plain and simple. i cant wait for the letter from the group that represents miserable bastards who are going to tell me that a sunshine coalition discriminates from those who just like being miserable bastards..that's not even mentioning the global warming alarmist who will say "Patty Big Dong, your Coalition is promoting too much hope for sunshine. With all that sunshine there would be too much heat and we lose the ice caps and the earf would heat up like a mofo.." Valid Point. Evidence that for every cause there is a protest and for every dream there is a nightmare. Stand for something or dont stand at all.

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Word Life about this weather....