Monday, June 1, 2009

Eminem gets clowned, pouts his way home w enterouge

This weekend Eminem got goofed on at the Music Awards by having Sasha Baron Cohen descend onto him and have his ass put squarely in front of Eminems face. The whole thing is pretty funny but the best part is seeing him storm out in disgust, like the whole thing was too much, or too embarrassing for him to be a part of. Lets take this apart.
Marshall Mathers, the man, the myth, the...whatever is trying to act all hard core like he is just too cool for school when the joke is played on him. Isnt there an Eminem song that has the lyrics "my bum is on your ....?" same guy who sings about killing his ex wife and driving around with her in the car and waving to people? His whole persona (before he tried to get hard core) was that of a prankster and someone who like to have fun so just because you go to rehab a few times in between albums doesn't make you hard, it makes you more like amy whorehouse or pete doherty and it certainly doesn't allow you to act like a little girl when someone goofs. he literally had a temper tantrum on live TV. "YO dog, that guy put his ass right up on my grill." I have a feeling he will come up with a song about Sasha baron Cohen soon enough.
That being said, im glad it wasn't my face that got bare assed by a guy on live TV!

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