Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Like Sam the Butcher Bringin Alice the Meat!

Not sure if anyone saw this ad that is sure to raise a lot of ire from the feminist community. It is for a new 7 inch burger sandwich that apparently will "blow your mind away." the description about sliding something long, hot and juicy in your mouth isn't all that appetizing either. BK says the ad will only be sent out in its Singapore market, where no man, woman or child can really fathom seven inches of meat so no one seems to be offended. They bring that ad campaign to the good old US of A where the flag poles stand tall and there will be an uproar..some people may say, "seven inches, that's nothing. what about a foot long? wait, that's been done." that scenario leads me to believe that seven inches, somehow so much more than 1 inch longer than the conventional 6"incher means that it somehow has sex written all over it ...i think its the woman with her mouth open on the ad that kind of sells the sex aspect but it is tough for me to pick up on subtle innuendos....

That, and everyone knows America is the land of the Big Truck, Big Gulp, The Big Kahuna, and of course, the Big Pecker, and that we should stand naked and proud with our patriot missiles out for all the world to see...When my 6th grade gym coach gave that speech there wasn't a dry eye in the place and everyone was moved..but i think that's because we all had our clothes on and he didn't and we moved because he started chasing us around.

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