Friday, September 12, 2008

Weathering the Storm.

i dont know if it the fallouts in the financial markets, the end of the summer season, impending doom or what but in my social research (drinking at bars) i have noticed a little more anger, a little more venom out there...the fun loving conversations have turned to discussions that end with "who knows", "its going to get worse", and the best one..."We are FUCKED!"
i bring this up as an observation but also as a coping mechanism for my own misery and to try and put some things in perspective. Ole stinky is the luckiest man alive, even though this morning i was pretty sure i was little homey halfdead, dry mouth and an aching head. OSE couldnt get out of bed, until i was hit with a lightning bolt of a revelation, i have no control over external events and what was a feeling of helplessnes has transformed into a proactive measure to embrace the change..all before 10 am...and i dont even have a life for my friends and family who are taking serious beatings every time they get up in the morning and go to work not knowing if today will be the last day, i think there is an addage that is apprapoe..."what doesnt kill us only makes us stronger"..i sadi that after my 4th shot of the good mr daniels last night..i was stronger for a brief, glorious momemt..


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Anonymous said...

hey, ole stinky...blogging at 6:48am? you need to get some shut "eye" son...

in the land of the blind, the stinky one-eyed man was king...