Friday, September 26, 2008

The Mets, Killing You Softly

This is a sad picture that i got from one of my buddies on the PD squad...Mr Met tried to off himself due to unbearable stress..that and he was heavily vested in Bear and Lehman.
As you know i am a Yankees fan but since i am a New Yorker and have many friends who are Mets fans, i have decided to cheer on this group of cardiac arrest causing guys since my team sucks and cant make it to the post season. I don't know how Mets fans do it, i watched both games in the last two nights and each game comes down to the last hit. there is nothing better than a walk off hit like Beltran's last night BUT the night before they blew a 5-1 lead and had to burn through pitchers and tire out the squad. they cant afford to keep teams around like that. i like the fire that the team shows and will continue to root for them but i almost cant watch at points and i have a feeling they are in for more of the same with that bullpen.

To all my met fan friends, OSE is with you, but i don't know how you do it for the entire season.

Can anyone find out how many situations they have been in this year where it comes down to the last hit for either team? Jerry Manuel deserves a long vacation on the beach after this year. his coaches were bothcing signs to the batters and they were lucky to get out of there after the bunt for strike three. that kids not a bunter!!!!

While A Rod is picking up women who look like men, and Hank Steinbrenner continues to mumble to no one in particular about how to turn things around i am going to watch this NL race develop. its nice to watch other people agonize over sports!!

good luck, and make sure you have a cold one in hand, October is right around the corner.

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Anonymous said...

how do we do it? with a whisky in one hand and a bottle of xanax in the other...i thought rooting for sports teams was supposed to be fun? we appreciate your support, OSE..

d dank (AKA "ole pink eye")...