Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Most HATED corporate sayings

words like "wheelhouse"..."shop"..."kick the tires"..."take a spin through the models"..."round up on that later"..."its like xyz but on STEROIDS"...."glad i shorted it".."always be closing"..."thats why i drive a mercedez and you drive a honda (these are all real btw)
finishing sentences with the word "right", as if you telling me something implied i definitly agreed with you. if i agreee with you, guess what, i will say the words "I AGREE WITH YOU"...amazingly simple but gets lost in the shuffle of shitheadery that is the stroke job of corporate life. where would i be w/out this blog?

if you have some other ones please send them to me as i am compiling a list of the most annoying workplace phrases and i know i havent even scratched the surface. there are so many Ds in corporate america that i thought it made sense to get together and start calling these people out..its time for change in america, and i just want to do my small part.


bjubb said...

"wrap my head around it" is a god awful quote which frequently pisses me off to no end. basically it means either get somebody smarter to explain it to me because i'm too stubborn to admit i don't get it...at which point ill come back and play like i knew it all the time, OR better yet actually contemplate it for the first time since i am not paying any attention to you whatsoever.

others i love are "manage expectations" and "home run" . ugh, whatever. im salty just thinking about these things


nice JUBBA! those are some good ones, obstensibly is another words that makes me want to throw dukes..