Tuesday, September 16, 2008


so as the world financial markets collapse around us we threw it down in a positive manner this weekend up in CT for the annual lakefest..the weather was right but the company was perfect and i wanted to thank SUPAGLISI for taking the photos linked below and to also say that i am thankful to have such a great group of friends who like to get together and well, lets just lay it out there, who like to get together and let it rip. i judge the success of a party by how many people are left straggling on floors and couches in the position that they were in right before they passsed out. when i woke up it looked like someone was playing the old "freeze frame" game...now i know why the people in Pompeii had such looks of surprise on their faces, they weren't ready either! oh, and i may need to change my stage name from ole stinky to REDMAN after seeing how sunburned/drunk/bright red i look in pictures. maybe that explains why people stop when i cross the street?? and all these days i thought it was because they were scared of the guns. that still doesnt explain the pointing and laughing though, something i will need to address in another post.


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