Thursday, September 18, 2008

GOAT- greatest comedic roles of all time...

Got to give it up for the comedians who make us laugh, especially with all this great news coming our way! i don't know any particular order but i would think it would have to be something like this:
1) Bill Murray- Caddyshack
2) Jim Belushi- Animal House
3) Chevy Chase- Fletch 1
4) Chris Farley- Tommy Boy
5) Eddie Murphy- Trading Places and Coming to America

shoot me some other ones that i am missing. I may put together a audio montage of the best lines from those movies..i say i may because "audio montage" i pulled out my A and i dont know if i have the tools for that thing you know OSE will get someone on it, may not be my best man but someone will be on it.


Anonymous said...

please take those foul pictures of your feet off this blog

yours truly,

old pink eye

Anonymous said...

Comedian Request:
Paul Giamatti as Veal Chop (Safe Men)

Jon Turtorro as Jesus Quintana (Big Lebowski)

..and I don't think the list could be complete without Dignan, no?

phorr said...

richard pryor easily top 2.