Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Fall STALL

i am a Yankees fan and have been my whole life, this is the first year they will not make the playoffs since 93, i was a sophomore in high school. the real sting as a fan was the absolute raping of season ticket holders this year to finance a new stadium. next year the tickets will all be too pricey for the average or even well healed fans because no one wants to pay 1200 to sit in a seat that in other parts of the country go for 1/10 that, and those teams make the playoffs, without a 300 million dollar roster. why buy season tickets when you can just buy tickets to the good games you want to see? if the team is going to suck like they do, and the ownership is going to continue to act like they do i think you will see a retraction of the fan base in NYC and people are going to resent them for the bloodsuckers they are..not that i am have a real opinion about it!!!

i feel like this with the knicks too but they are so damn bad i wont even go to see them w free tickets. i did go a few years ago and was given court side seats so i heckled the shit out of cliff Robinson chanting "cliff the spliff" after he was pulled over with a lit blunt. he eventually came over over and said "your killing me dog, my team is making fun of me." i did my part that day and cliff , you will always hold a special place in my heart...and call me if your in NYC..its 1-800-OLE-STNK.

note to pro athletes, dont DRIVE. period. ever, dont drive, that goes for celebratards as well.

GO GMEN!!!!!

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