Wednesday, September 17, 2008

mixing church and state....not a good thing

wow, a pretty powerful post title huh? so i am driving down the road this weekend and i had the windows down, feeling mellow and enjoying the day and i flip around on the radio and hear a song with a good beat, good guitar solos and i catch myself kind of jamming out when all of a sudden some D starts asking jesus to save him and how he has laid down his heart for the lord..
very commendable indeed.
let me first say im a catholic so this is not a christian bashing effort but it is indeed a christian rock bashing session. if you want to be saved call the coast guard or ski patrol...if you are looking for jesus in your life church is a good place to start. if you want to lay down your heart, become a priest, but please DONT pick up a guitar and GO THERE. there are three things that will forever be linked..they are sex, drugs and rock and roll...most of us achieve at least two of those in our lives..not a whole lot of wiggle room in there for arena based christian rock and virgins and all that is good and wholesome in this world (for which there is a lot!)
anyway, i was duped and felt pretty stupid..i had to look around because i was glad i was by myself at the cleanse my brain of that goodness i broke out some Alice and Chains and cranked it up. "YEAH HERE COMES THE ROOOSTER"
i like my rock stars just as they are thank you. totally and utterly out of touch with reality and if not dead already they are working damn hard at getting there..anyone ever hear of Kurt Cobaine, Jimi Hendrix,Jim Morrison, Jerry Garcia, the list goes on and on...people eat it up.


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with positivity? Better than hearing about drugs, killing, war, etc. Music is a big part of the church.


i agree, just not rock and roll. two seperate deals altogether. if i want church music, i go to church