Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tough Times- we will be alright!!

So we have some major turbulence going on around the world right now. World financial markets are in the worst shape in recent history, massive floods and draughts, world jihad with daily attacks, the yankees missed the playoffs and it gets worse! we are not at the greg allman said, "you cant lose what you never had.."
so, to spice it up a bit and to divert some attention from how bad it is i would like to start a forum for worst injuries people have had,. Lets focus on intense internal pains from the past to help cope with current external pains...i will get it started, if you post some good ones in the comments section i can get them into the rankings on the main page. i hope for your sake you dont take the number one or two spots from me!!
1) hit by car, broken hip/leg at 12- think this left some brain damage too, although i dont recall much before this accident so maybe it knocked me straight!
2) 5 broken ribs and a fractured sternum last year from a ski accident
3) had my leg run over by a trailer with a boat on it and broke my foot and ankle, tore all the muscles,ligaments and tendons as well as some nice skin loss. that was this April.
4) hit my face on the side of a curb and fractured my orbital bone and a broken nose, required several plastic surgeries- thats how OSE keeps his youthful looks..the pleasure with this one was that i had to go in and get the pebbles and debris removed from around my eye over the course of the next few years. a gift that kept giving. thats why OSE only has ONE EYE!
5) broken shoulder and shoulder blade from falling of a scooter in college. that broken arm did enable to play a Fletch like extension of the broken arm for almost a year, and helped me get some extensions and exemptions for testing, so see, there is a positive to every situation..had to go to the hospital dressed as a member of the mens Olympic gymnastics team (it was Halloween and a killer costume, chalk bag and all.)

So i started it out with 5, i have 22 majors and about a dozen minors that i have been able to chronicle/remember. after this last one with the leg my doctor thought it would be a good idea to list all of my injuries to get an assessment of things. so thats the assessment. i am worth more in parts than i am as a whole. good thing i checked that organ donor box!! Let me know what you got, also, lets be honest and post it is an ARI if it was an alcohol related incident..those readers out there know who im talking about!!!


JackCullinane said...
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JackCullinane said...

Top 5 should be AT LEAST TOP 10.
You missed dislocated thumb Columbus Day Weekend Providence '99.

No Mention of Albany '96?

Maybe and interesting list would be cities you've been to the hospital in, or Most frequented ER's.

phorr said...

Christmas party gallons o' gin & tonic induced broken collar bone / torn ligaments from friend back surfing down full flight of stairs.