Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Why I Blog..A cathartic process

I was out last night for a work dinner and put back a lot of red wine into old port. i couldnt sleep and was awoken at 5 AM to garbage trucks but instead of just getting up i let it get me really bent out of shape. 7 Am- no hot water in the shower. things are off to a good start.
I feel like i have a hobo who pissed himself sleeping in the back half of my head, where a brain should be.
walk to the subway and cant stop sweating. whats w 70 degree weather this time of yr? i get to my usual iced coffee stop, it allows me to fire off rapid fire posts, so we all benefit. as i go to get a straw for my drink a woman reaches across to get sugar and knocks a large coffee all over my suit and shoes. looked like i shit myself, and i almost did. the coffee burned the back of my leg and could not help just yelling "mothafuka" as loud as i could. i looked up and in the split second, i learned a lot about myself.
when a man stares rage in the face but doesn't let it OUT, that is the true measure of patience (and a flawless repression mechanism). i said "Accidents happen, don't worry about it. " at this point im as red as Lucifer and ready to explode but i just walked home, cursing to myself to shower again and change into another suit to schlep to the Cole mines. this whole mahamudra and meditation thing is really taking me places. next stop, shangri la....
life deals you lemons, make lemonade.
POP- optimism is the only FREE thing we got, but dont let anyone know that, they are thinking of taxing you 40% on that under the new regime.


JackCullinane said...

Strong post this morning P-Man.
Way to rebound. Quite impressive and a refreshing contrast to most of us who would have taken that grief to the poor unsuspecting souls we encountered later in the day.
Goodguys 1 A-Holes 0.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure you were not there are 7 am... more like 9???