Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Life By The TROP!

This past weekend a group of our friends from college decided it would be fun to head to Atlantic City to do some gambling and drinking. The saturday night cap was the Don Rickles show at the Tropicana. The show itself deserves several of its own posts but it was one of the best live comedy show i have seen. He had the crowd in stitches the whole time.
Watching an 80 plus year old man keep a crowd (a very eclectic one at that) laughing for 2 hours was impressive. It also became clear that Donny is grandfathered in under the non-political correct act, allowing comedians to come out gloves off. He was also positive and patriotic so he really makes you feel like you are happy to be where you are.
The trip was like a bachelor party but without a bachelor. We stayed at the Chelsea hotel and it was really nice. the Trop, not so much. it is depressing version of an outdated Disney set. There were some people in this place who were knocking on heavens door and still pulling slots. i saw a lady rubbing bengay on her elbow to keep at it. This place was evidence of the fact that drinkers always drink, and gamblers always gamble, even in the economic downturns.
Makes me wonder how the places in Vegas are getting hammered. I guess these are the die hards, not some punk flying into Vegas, this is the Greyhound bus to the Trop and the Trop to a little place called Hell.
Most of us won money for a change and we really put the pedal to medal. It felt good. sometimes even in the worst of times you have to step back and enjoy your friends and the good times they provide. It was an oasis on the shore for us. Much needed.
I apologize for the delay in the post but was tied up yesterday. We only have 48 hours to ACDC.....the train is in the depot, getting some work done but will be back better than before.

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