Monday, November 17, 2008

Aint Nuttin But a G Thang Baby...

Had to post my favorite picture of any Gmen, the one we miss OSE!!!
The Gmen did it again. Making punk bitches look like punk bitches. One week its T HO, the next its Ray "the mouth of the midatlantic" Lewis. Guy has a lot to say but couldn't talk for two years after his involvement in a deadly stabbing. Love how the guy speaks like he has found a higher power (ala Deion Sanders after railing lines of cocaine and beating hookers for over a decade) and how he is pretty much exempt from earthly consequence, except that is, when he plays the NY Giants.
Sure, the guy can play and is one of the best the league has seen, but he got his ass handed to him several times and missed key tackles yesterday (the whif on the 70 yard run was the best.)

The Giants roll on and get ready to take on the rest of the schedule. I don't think at this point anyone doubts the Gmen are the team to beat. Skins fans, i don't hear you anymore, what happened? Eagles fans, did the Pillies just tire out you out or what? I guess its lonely at the top.

Im not taking anything for granted, we were the team to knock off an 18-0 Pats squad so anything can happen. Nuttin but a G Thang!

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