Monday, November 3, 2008

Cowboys and TO, crying again.

There are few greater pleasures than watching a bunch of overpaid and under performing players act like their hearts were in it all the way, for the "team." i love this clip of T HO from last year after they lost guessed, the GMEN! now, this year he has the balls to send t shirts to the giants taunting them? I guess that's the kind of free time you have when no one is throwing you the ball and you are on the sideline for 75% of the game. Tell you what T HO, go yell at your offense to throw it to you some more, that seems to have worked in all the other cities you played in..then act all surprised when the teams and fans turn on you. Next stop, AZ for the final frontier of D bag pro ballers. At least you can drive nice cars out there.

Gmen are 7-1, please watch mr. T HO as he just says "it aint right" is his own little bitch way.

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