Thursday, November 13, 2008

Scrooge McDuck, the OG of money bags...

I was sitting around thinking, that was my first mistake!

It occurred to me that my first recollection of wanting to go on the paper chase and stack mad loot was when i was about 7 years old and i was watching the old show Duck Tales and scrooge mcduck goes into his huge mansion and starts diving into a vault full of gold coins and cash (video link below, thank my research assistant, DONNY). I remember thinking that i could get pretty good at swimming around in cash. i wish i had known then that was highly unlikely and that luck and timing would have to meet at a deserted country road and decide to take me along for the ride if that was going to happen. i am now swimming in a cesspool of economic abyss where no one is quite sure what to make of this whole mess. One thing i know is that there are less Scrooge McDucks then there was a few years ago and that Scrooge better be careful because the pool isn't as deep as it used to be. You think the three little ducks got their allowance cut?? I wonder if they regret buying that pro hockey team? Imagine the "true Hollywood story of the Ducks."
"You know we were just little chicks when all that money came pouring in and i think it really spoiled us, the cars, the other hot chicks who used to come over after we hit the club, all of it. if you had told me that i would be giving bill to other ducks in the men's room of a bus station i would have said you were a liar."

SO, that explains why i dont just sit around and think that gets weird quickly.

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