Friday, November 7, 2008

Clear the tracks, we got a runaway train!!!!!

CHOOOOO CHOOOO!!!! if you see smoke on the horizon and you hear a whistle blowing step back from the track..the POP express has left the station. Took it DEEP. the amber current soothed my sole and i am still left wondering how jack daniels is not $400/barrell. it is so much better than oil and gas. Hit some bars and had some laughs to get ready for the southbound train to Don Rickels at the Tropicana in AC with 8 of your best friends from college. If you are a regular reader of NEIS you know i love the Rickels, Dangerfield, Carson era of comedy. Irrereverence if you have not noticed, is something i hold near and dear to my heart.

Rickels is to comedy what Plato was to philosophy, a cornerstone really.
Heres to life and heres to living, gambling,whiskey, steaks, cigars and rickels...John Wayne, are you out there? call me.
i have a rotor rooter appointment for my colon on monday. last time i had a fishing lure and a boot in there, who knew. my belly makes the east river look like a lake in the canadian rockies.

Out of office reply: OLE STINKY will not be returning any calls today so if it is an emergency you are pretty much fucked.

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