Monday, November 24, 2008

Monkeys as waiters, do they wash their hands before they serve you??

A friend of mine sent me a CNN link to an article about a restaurant in Asia using monkeys as waiters. This of course struck me as a genius idea and immediately made my mind race off to chores/tasks that monkeys may be able to do for come to work so i can free up more time to blog, things like that. parking the car when i return from a long weekend and cant find a spot. hailing me a cab when they all pass me by because they can recognize the STINK EYE from a mile away. You all know i love the ape species so this warmed my heart. not saying i want to eat there. also not sure as a former wait staffer my self that is a good sign for the profession that monkeys are now doing your job.

Anyway check out the link, and please ignore that the sight i frequent is called weirdasianews. its all on the up and up, but as the name implies, there is some weird stuff going on, and thats just the way i like it. happy Monday

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