Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Knicks, making bad decisions, one day at a time.

So the Knicks, in their infinite shitheadery cut Patrick Ewing Jr from the team. He was the last man cut. I pisses me off for several reasons. They are as follows:
1) I am a Georgetown grad and have seen and been brainwashed by the Ewing machine.
2) I have seen the young one play and the guy can add some fire to this roster, while Stephon sits on the bench for 18 million/year.
3) The Knicks haven't made a good decision in years and this one is likely to stick. they guy was getting full on cheering sections in practice and everyone wanted him on the team. Except the team it turns out. Roberson better turn out to be a pretty solid addition to this team. The more i think about it maybe he is better he never got mixed up with this team.

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