Thursday, October 30, 2008

POP took it deep

I had one for the ages last night...when you realize you only live once you can really put the pedal to the metal. I was out with a real skelly crew and while i am not in the best standing with the pillars that are my life, i had a damn good time. i look forward to more. no end in sight. get some bad enough to take some.Bitch Slaps and Dirt Naps.
I welcome someone to step on the tracks of the Downtown P train...Its an express...


JackCullinane said...

POP, Great work. I was just coming to the blog to see if you had ever done any analysis re: Rappers. Specifically interested in your thoughts on Nelly. I was recalling your favorite jam from 03. Move ......Get out the way

Brian said...

move... get out the way was done by Ludacris, from the ATL, not Nelly, a member of the St. Lunatics.

However, Nelly did have some great hits back in the 99-2003 range.

Speaking of great rappers, there is a new movie on Biggy titled, NOTORIOUS, coming out in January. Saw the sneak peak on the BET hip hop awards last night. You have never seen so much Obama loving, it was nauseating.

Trying to take it deep this weekend for the marathon.