Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I told you in an old post, this could mark the end of the world as we know it.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua, a movie about a dog that goes to BH and lives like Paris Hilton...are the execs at Disney smoking angel dust? probably, but who approved a movie like this??? if this is not proof of where we stand and how close we are to being taken over by dogs i don't know what does. Did you pick up your dogs poop this morning? how many times has he done that for you? Exactly
The Geico Cavemen were alright with me until they tried to make it a sitcom. This takes it to a whole new level of moronic.anything for a buck i guess..I
I just opened up a CHUWAWA (i spell it phonetically) breeding camp. its messy and its loud but hell, lot of folks want these critters and i think after this movie every child under the age of 12 who sees it will beg for one. Supply and Demand, simple really.

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