Monday, October 20, 2008

Outrageous Ticket Prices

As many of you know i like to attend live events such as games and concerts. recent developments in the total raping of fans of the aforementioned live events had led me to believe that the people who run these groups are smoking crack. AGAIN!! if you take just the NY market (grant it one of the most expensive in any era) the Yanks, Mets, Giants, Jets and Knicks are all in the process of outright rape. plain and simple. Each one of these teams has set ridiculous records with what they expect to get for seats. of the teams mentioned only the Giants have had any success in recent history (I dont mean making the playoffs.)
The same thing is going on with the music industry and i think it is a crime. People cant afford to go see shows of the bands they like because you cant get a good seat at MSG or any other venue for less than $250. i am all for capitalism but haven't these people see what is going on in the rest of the world? If you cant afford to see your favorite band live you are probably not going to get the real feel for their performances and what you can get on Itunes. Live is live, the rest is just recorded history.
Part of this would go away if i could afford the seats to the events i wanted. Part of it makes me feel like they are killing the entire fun part of events, the other people you are there with.
There is a reason that some of the games we watch sound like insurance seminars, it is because there are no true fans left. There are a lot of guys who are corporate this or that but they are not fans, and that takes away from everything..Watch the World Series as an example. Two mid to small market teams whose fans cant afford to see their teams in the biggest games of their lives. Ratings will be at an all time low if people cant get on board of the Young Rays story and the constant comparison to the 86 Mets.
In conclusion, i am willing to come clean your apartment and do your laundry if you will buy me 2 seats for AC DC..the seats are $300 each and get you the blue seats so i may need a few extra dollars for binoculars. and tour T shirt for my lady, those are $54.
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