Monday, October 27, 2008

Giants bring the NOISE in Shittsburgh!!!

As you all know i am a BIG Giants fan and last year was part of a crew that hit some amazing games. My leg was the London trip last Halloween where they beat the Dolphins and POP and Company put a hell of a bender together in the London Town. We finished it up last year at the Super Bowl in AZ. We all know what happened there. It was the best sporting event i have ever seen, and i have seen some doozies.
As a result of the Bowl weekend a new character was born. He is a man to be reckoned with on any Sunday of the year but particularly when the Giants are playing, and particularly when he takes his show on the road.
The picture here is of the one, the only CHICKEN HAWK!! I got this jersey made for my friend because he adopted an amazing persona that weekend in AZ and as most of Hollywood will tell you, the HAWK don't take no mess (he even got a police escort home on Saturday night of the game so he could get rest for the big one..that and he was in the median of the highway, at least he was shouting at Patriots fans.)
This picture shows him preparing to piss in the river of that dirt hole of a City. They love that river so THE HAWK decided to give it some Gmen love. As you can see he had to back up a bit because he didn't want to overshoot the river. If he had people in Ohio would have thought it was a quick thunderstorm.
I knew that having the force that is the HAWK and the other die hard fans down there was going to be a big support for the gmen but that win made a lot of people think the Giants are looking pretty solid, even when they dont play tip top. A coworker said to me "they look even better this year and i am a Dolphins fan." Indeed they do, even as they bench their best player for half the game and are hurting with injuries.
HAWK, i know your out there with a lipper and a smile. Your undying support of the team, along with the Chairman Mr. MCO, is to be commended.
I forward to getting to a game so we can again get the forces of the universe by the balls and put em' on roller skates once again.
GO GIANTS!!! and you dont stop!

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