Monday, October 20, 2008

Just Plain Jealous

I got this email from a cousin of mine who is still in college and it made me think two things 1) it is awesome to be in college and 2) i need a good old fashioned road trip to get me dialed in. here is his quick summary of the SEC 2008 football road trip that he is on with his buddies. I am just plain jealous..

"ok so we are 2 days into Fall Break 2008 SEC road trip. 5 lacrosse players and two of our other goon friends. our first two days were at the U of Tennessee where even girls' undies are that unique but obnoxious sherbert orange color. sick place to see a game, despite the kid to my right talking/spitting on me with his dip spit. he couldn't have been drunker and kept apologize for spitting chew on me while he spoke. we are in "memfrica, tn" now at our teammates house which should be on cribs. i haven't shaved in 12 days and look like kevin youkalis from the red sox. Going to Graceland. Leaving for Ole Miss tomorrow, then up to Vandy for a girls lax party and then Lil Wayne/Lupe Fiasco concert on Thursday which will be life-changing."

me? i will be at my desk for the rest of the week dreaming of being in college again..why did i rush to get out in four years again!?!?!?!?
those of you who know me know there was not an opportunity to extend the contract.

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