Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Vick is out on the streets...kind of

So the next chapter in Michael Vick's life started last night as he was released from prison under the cloak of darkness. He will be on house arrest and other limitations but he is out and i think is going to be back in the NFL. I understand what he did with the dogs was horrific and he deserved time but he served it. he can now go onto fathering more children, spreading more VDs and assuming the last name of other countries, ala Ron Mexico..Maybe Canada gets the honor this time? Say what you want about the guy but he is one of best athletes we have ever seen. I would like to see him picked up by the Giants but that's just me..i will tell you why..NYC is a city that forgives and tends to forget. there are lots of people in NYC who raise fighting dogs and then kill them too. It is a part of the culture (unfortunately) but that doesn't mean it isn't going on. I have seen no crack down in the practice and see just as many dogs who have been raised for fighting in the streets (only in the bad areas) as i did when he was free.

For all of the terrible things we see on a daily basis i feel like Vick got a heavy sentence. There are rapists who do less time than he did. He was made to be an example and people got the point..The funny thing is, as you saw in one of my post is that in the Saudi Special forces you have to devour a live rabbit, hair and all after biting its head off in order to "graduate". No foul there, its a right of passage. Cultural differences always intrigue me.

Ozzy got labeled crazy for biting the head off a bird, in another scenario he would have gotten a promotion. Its a crazy mixed up world.
Good luck Mr. Vick, we are watching and i hope you surprise. This has all the set up of a TI 2 situation (the ATL rapper w all those hankerings for automatic weapons)... Deion Sanders is in his 12,000 sq foot walk in closet picking out his "redemption" outfit so he can stand next to Vick on the podium when he gets picked up by a team. Michael Irvin is thinking to himself "this guy got 3 years for killing dogs?? shit, i killed three hookers and i never heard anything about it." Ray Lewis doesn't want to say anything, he is thinking "I covered up and took part in a murder and i ain't even do three years!!". then he spouts of some Born Again blather about the Truth and Lord and thinks he is Samuel L Jackson from Pulp Fiction.
God i l0ve the NFL.

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