Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thirsty Thursday..good drinking weather..AGAIN!

This chap got himself good and lathered up for his Friday work day..and he got there early, ready to open the shop at the crack of dawn after a long Thirsty Thursday..we should all be so diligent. As i saw this picture (by hitting drunk on google images you get an amazing array of drunk photos) i thought to myself how many Fridays i have gone to work in rough shape. There were days when it would be 1 in the afternoon before my feet hit the ground with any sort of coordination or cadence.
I was never one to phone it in though, i fight my hangovers head on. Why take Pepto or Zantac when you can have the best heartburn of your life? Why would i want Advil or Aspirin for a headache? sunglasses for the sun? That all seems excessive to me. Happy Thirsty Thursday, lets get it on.

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