Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Inspirational to say the least!!! This is what its all about..

A friend of ours was paralyzed a little less than 3 years ago. He was a quadriplegic from a c5-c6 break in his neck. He was never supposed be able to get out of a chair again for the rest of his life. He has spent the last two years and nine months working his ass off and pushing the limits of what ANYONE (including the medical professionals) thought was possible with this type of injury. The process by which he made such huge strides is called Locomotion and apparently there have been some real breakthroughs in this therapy process. Janne has shown incredible resolve and strength in battling back from what a lot of people would have considered a death sentence.

I know there are a lot of inspirational/amazing stories out there but this one was the first i have witnessed. Now i know why people believe in miracles.
The link below shows him walking for the first time and the info for the foundation is also attached. if you have any extra they could really use the help. Also, i know there are others out there with similar kinds of stories that are inspirational and amazing please send those in and we can gain some momentum here. This is the first serious post in a long long time. TAKE NOTICE!!!!

http://gallery.me.com/califinn#100028Check this out! After 2yr and 9mos of hard work and determination Janne took his first steps with a walker last week! While it might not be pretty, it was perfect that day and will only keep getting better if we continue to raise the necessary funds to help all of our clients. Please pass along this video to everyone you know! We need the support of all of you and your family and friends to continue our mission. Donations can be made at www.nextstepfitness.org/fundraising.php

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