Thursday, May 21, 2009

Side Stepping arduous, tedious work...I can delegate with the best of em'..

In my career i have gotten wise, and it just hit me..why do something you could delegate to someone else?? i just side stepped a painful project that was going to put a damper on an otherwise nice day..SO what do you do when you see the cloud of busy work rolling in?? Look for the people having too good a time doing nothing..I just rolled up on a guy doing a Wikipedia search on the Astor family and announcing that "they been rich forever"...That kind of comment makes you ripe pickins for the project i dont plan on doing anything on..SO you divide it up with a few people and presto! BAM! things started getting done. i know if it were left on my shoulders there is a chance (large) that it would not get done as quickly. This blog post is coming to you on time that would otherwise have been occupied with a lot of cutting and pasting for something that is not nearly as.....good for the world. yeah i said it.

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