Monday, December 1, 2008

Why Fantasy Football is great....

below is an email sent from one of my buddies about our fantasy football league. this is why i love these types of things....

Dear Honorable Hoya League Commissioner,
Can we get a clarification on the following scenarios:
1) If two teams score the same amount of points in a regular season game, is there a tiebreaker (the total points scored by their bench?) or is it just a tie?
2) If two teams have the same record at the end of the season, is the first tie breaker the head to head match-up and second tie breaker the overall points?

The reason for my inquiry is that I believe tonight’s performance by Steve Slaton will impact all but two teams in the Hoya Paranoia 2008 Fantasy League (those two unaffected teams being the LOWLY Madd Dogs and Joe Fitz).

The Swaniacs (record: 6-6) currently trail Mean Machine (record: 5-7) by a score of 118-108 with the one remaining player to go being the aforementioned Steve Slaton. If Steve Slaton were to score 11 or more points, then the Swaniacs would improve to a record of 7-6, placing them in a tie with the Dean Dogs (record: 7-6). The Swaniacs, however, own the head to head match-up, as well as the overall point total match-up against the Dean Dogs, so I believe the Swaniacs would earn the third and final playoff birth in the Blue Division (not to mention, seal one of the all-time great regular season collapses by the Dean Dogs…through week 8, Dean Dogs 5-3, Swaniacs 2-6). In that scenario, Steve Slatons 11+ points would result in Mean Machine dropping to 5-8, which would eliminate them from the playoffs, giving Michaels Marauders the third and final playoff spot in the Grey Division with a 6-7 record.

If Steve Slaton scores less than 10 points, however, then Mean Machine would beat the Swaniacs in week 13, improving their record to 6-7, and placing them in a tie with Michael’s Marauders. Michaels Marauders/Mean Machine split their head to head match-up, however, Mean Machine has more total points, so I think that would mean Mean Machine would make the playoffs and the Marauders would be eliminated. In that scenario, the Swaniacs would drop to 6-7, eliminating them from the playoffs with the Dean Dog train wreck sneaking in for the last playoff spot in the Blue Division.

If Steve Slaton scores exactly 10 points, then either it results in a tie, in which case Dean Dogs and Michaels Marauders both make the playoffs, or if it reverts to bench points, then the Swaniacs would win (41 bench points vs Mean Machine 31 bench points), in which case the Swaniacs and Marauders would make the playoffs.

Steve Slaton’s impact on the fate of Swaniacs/Mean Machine/Deans Dogs/Michaels Marauders, also has a corresponding impact on the four teams who have already clinched playoff births, as it will affect the first round playoff matches, and potentially second round playoff matches (ie Vegas has Oberballers as a 29 point first round favorite over Dean Dogs and only a 7 point first round favorite over Swaniacs)

I have also cc’d the honorable XXXX (former owner of the now extinct Bean Machine franchise and current Chief HFL Dispute Resolution Advisor) for additional guidance.


Swaniacs, Owner and General Manager

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