Monday, December 1, 2008

Plax and Vick- imagine that prison pick up squad for flag football.

Plax Plax Plax, what were you thinking?????????????? I dont even know what to say other than that i am glad you arent dead or that you didn't blow your leg off.
By the looks of the sentences he is facing he will be blowing a lot of other things in the next few years anyway. you all know i am a huge giants fan and that if it weren't for plax and the catch that he made to go up on the Pats in the Bowl we may not have been the Champs.
Since that unreal day in AZ things seem to have gone from touchy, to bad, to downright awful. I think it started with skipping the ticker tape parade, then missing mini camps because of contract disputes. All of these incidents make me think that these guys really believe that once they get that contract they don't have to give a shit about anything..even scarier is that they feel they may need to pull out a gun and shoot someone to defend themselves. the only problem with that is that once you shoot and kill someone its murder (usually) and secondly, the person trying to shoot you typically has a lot less to lose than you do. In this case it is a nice wife, a child, and a 35 million dollar contract with the Super Bowl champs. i saw Plax at the hospital last monday night when he was getting an MRI on his hammy and i was getting one on my ankle. I gave him the "get better Plax, we need you out there" (typical dbag fan shout out), to which he said thanks. i could not have imagined where one week would lead us. This has been an unreal turn of events.
Smart people have always told me that it is what people do with the opportunities they are given that matters, not that they were given the opprotunirty it in the first place.
Rest up Plax, and your lucky you didnt shoot off your man meat or you would have been forever clowned in the prison shower room. not that there still isnt that chance.
I hope he gets it figured out and can turn this thing around but the last 72 hours are as bad as they could be for him. Thug living just cost him millions and i dont think he will ever (or should ever) wear the giants uniform again. The organization is too classy for this kind of shit. We dont want to look like the Ravens with Ray Lewis or the Cowboys with Pacman or any other guy like that. The NFL, much like every other job in life can usually find someone else to the job you have if you dont like it. In this case they can probably get someone to do it cheaper and with a better attitude, until we give him 35 million!!
The Gmen found a way to win without him and i think will continue to do so, we need to. Onward and upward, lets get back to the title game!!!!!!!

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DORF said...

i agree that the giants should move on from plexiglass... but it's tough to suggest that the org is "too classy for him" when there are some serious indicators suggesting the gints and maybe the nfl writ large were a part of the cover-up.
i'll be there in the snow on sunday vs eagles. holla if you will as well.