Tuesday, December 2, 2008

100 Posts- As i told you then I will tell you now, THERE IS NO END IN SIGHT!!

I started this blog with the premise that there is no end in sight and damnit i meant it. evidence of this is the celebration of the century mark, its like the Benjamins Baby, pure C note style kid. The world keeps turning and i keep blogging. And you dont stop. 100 posts down and im just getting warm. The kid from Ttown is coming down the Hudson like an ole steamer and im blowing the whistle with the throttle wide open. nothing like making a wake and pressing ahead..i think i read that in a Hemingway novel, or cliff notes. Ever notice that cliff notes for a Hemingway novel read much like the novels themselves? "I went hunting. It was good. We shot stuff, then we went home. "

All i can say on this 100th post is you better have a bullet or a bus to stop Ole Stinky!!!! No End in Sight till there aint no breath in me and they have to pry this keyboard from my cold dead fingers.

I feel blessed that i have the opportunity to express myself in this format and i appreciate all my readers sending in content and heads up for whats out there and how weird things can get so that we can share them as a community and have a collective laugh, often at my expense (dabbing my eyes with old newspapers so that my mascara doesnt run as i cry and look back on the good times and the great posts). As we say here at NEIS headquarters, "we are only as good as our last post and the readers that contribute." So thank you. I will keep on keepin on, just so happens i got me a bad case of keeping it real, and i dont want no panacea.

I liken this accomplish to an event like this. enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlITgWcJMSM&feature=related

Live it, you wont regret the decision!

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