Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Leaf for Patty Greenleaf...

I know i have been absent from the blog for a while but OSE, the Patty P is back and better than before (i know its hard to believe!) I feel like one of those guys on the strongest man contest pulling a dump truck down the road vs the guy who is walking an old moped to a gas station after running out of gas 18 miles from town.. i am off crutches after getting the leg run over then surgery and can walk right again after a year of misery and got a new day job..i regret to tell some of my readers that i may not have the same level of anger and rage that i had at my old spot but who knows, time will tell. I feel better and am in a "better place" as they say on TV shows for people who go see people to tell them how and why they are fucked up. Thankfully i already know that stuff! doctor drew told me so.
Taking the anger/rage and general vitriolic vibe i was letting follow me around and stomping it out has been good, making progress. Just dont Fuck with me! sorry, i didnt mean that. What i meant was i am excited and recharged so forewarned is forearmed, Patty Greenleaf turned the leaf and it feels damn good. no time like the present.
"Im gonna take this itty bitty world by storm, and im just getting warm" -LL

Peace muthasukas, good to be back. POP

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